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Above ground tank
Vertical flat bottom tank S/FP
Vertical tank with legs S-CP
Vertical tank with legs S/CP-T
Vertical tank with skirt S/G
Horizontal tank with saddles CT/CS
Horizontal tank without saddles CT/SS
Tapered bottom Silo 60°
Tapered bottom Silo 90°
Double wall tank S-DP or CT-DP
Insulated tank ST or CTT
Insulated tanks with heating ST cable.
Double wall tanks, insulated with heating cable ST-DP cable.
Tank with containment basin SV
Stirrer S-mix
tanks with thermoplastic liner PVC, PP, PVDF
Chemical resistance table
handbook chemical resistance Ashland + DSM
According to international standard calculation
Pressure Tanks
Tanks for products with high density
Tanks for high temperatures or P.S.
Storage tanks HCL
Storage tanks NaOCL Sodium Hypochlorite
Storage tanks Ammonia NH3OH
Storage tanks Urea
Storage tanks Caustic Soda NaOH
laminates tanks - MLS System
drinking water barrier - DWB System
tanks with anti-abrasive liner
Tanks for rent
Modular Tanks - MCC System
Tanks - Small boxes
Underground tanks
Underground horizontal tank – CTI
Undergroung horizonthal tanks – double wall CTI - DP
Decanters Static DL
Static decanters D
Pressure Filters
Sand filters FS
Horizontal filter FCT
Activated carbon filters FC
Cartridge filter FIB
Pressure filters MADE on customer drawing
Spray banks
Structures and gratings
FRP piping
Curva 90°
Curva 45°
Attacchi flangiati - flangia fissa
Raccordi a "T"
Flange Libere in acciaio zincato
Flange libere in PP
Flange libere in vetroresina PRFV
Attacchi flangiati con flangia libera in acciaio zincato
Attacchi flangiati con flangia libera in PP
Attacchi flangiati con flangia libera in vetroresina PRFV
Tubazioni e raccordi speciali per il settore NAUTICA
Tanks accessories
Anchorage for vertical flat bottom tanks – S/FP
Anchorage: anchor plates for vertical flat bottom tank S/FP
Anchorage for vertical tanks with legs – S/CP
Anchorage for horizontal tanks on saddles – CT/CS
Anchorage for vertical silos – SL
Lifting lugs for vertical tanks – S/FP – S/CP - SL
Lifting lugs for horizontal tanks – CT
Flanged nozzles – flat fixed flange
Flanged nozzles – galvanized steel loose flange
Flanged nozzles – PP loose flange
Flanged nozzles – fiberglass FRP loose flange
Connections and threated couplings
Level gauges
Vents and safety systems
Heating systems and maintaining temperature: heating coils
Heating systems and maintaining temperature: electric heater
Heating systems and maintaining temperature: heating cable
Mixer support and stirrer
Piping and piping supports
Security systems for operators
Labels, name plates, logos and colors
Gaskets and Bolts
Metal carpentry
Fiberglass carpentry - FRP
FRP special jobs
Products in carbon fiber (CFRP)
Filters - Accesories
Accessories for underground tanks

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